December in Pictures and Sounds

Posted: 01/08/2012 in Uncategorized

The month came and went. If you live in Columbus and are tuned into the local coffee houses and/or burlesque venues then you probably heard about most of what I was up to. If not, then it’s because you don’t live in Columbus and I was too busy to write about it. There wasn’t a day all month that couldn’t be its own post, but all I’m offering here is a half-complete picture of what went on. It doesn’t even include the robot fucking a VCR. It doesn’t even include audio of “Hotaru no Hikari” which I suppose I can get later.

Good Night Fucking Moon

Whiskey tasting at Kafe Kerouac. With Peach Roulette and stream-of-consciousness tasting cards.

Billy Goat Dave at Holiday Hop. Freaking out the establishment, when the “establishment” is the arty gallery-going alternative crowd.

Billy Goat Dave Dance-Off

Offshoot Productions Christmas Hootenanny… with Billy Goat Dave! (photos and videos by Roger Heartsun) Excellent show. Much love to Brett Morehead, The Ooh-La-Las, Houndstooth Bindles and our venue, the Knock Theater, and Tony Vargas for saving Christmas’s sound.

Christmas cookies. One of them is me.

Electro Cult Circus Christmas eve eve show.


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