SEX (a literary mixtape)

Posted: 07/14/2011 in Literary mixtape, Uncategorized

What the fuck time is it?

This mixtape would be twice as good if I could just directly link to my e-mail inbox. While you read, come up with all the “link to my inbox” jokes you possibly can and post them in the comments when you get to the end.

I want you to stare at me, I want your eyes to examine every part of me and I want your hands on me, I want you to fondle my breasts constantly, I want your fingertips tickling me down my stomach and sides, I want you to run your hand down my back and I want to give you lap dances where, when I face away from you, you grip my ass and hips and slap them and lick them.

by M. Shaw

you must not take offence at my frankness;
it was you who started this talk, you know—-
on one pretext or another, when
Gilder displayed signs of triumph.
it ain’t ladylike to
turn his attention to
what had come to pass
in the library after
Dick forsake her with a gust of laughter.
But, if you think that
you have anything to do with that
Look me in the face, and say
But for very shame
you remember her face that night.
Will you?
What good will all that do?
i am the most confident person in the world now..

I want us to fuck with another couple and make them awestruck at the things we do together, I want them to see you come on my chest and I want them to see me go wild on you.

I want to do that scenario you suggested, where we both meet up in a bar, in outfits we might not normally wear, have different names, chat each other up, and come back and fuck like it’s a one night stand.

There’s no point in me wearing panties because they get so wet so often.

I’ve been wanting you all night and just thinking about your body, the muscles of them flexing while you fucked me, the stamina they gave you, the way your tan looked when your arms were pressed against my pale skin, your gorgeous face, the curve of your lips, the way that when I cried out I was going to come or you were feeling close to orgasm you would get this wild almost vengeful look in your eye and pound me harder than ever and shake the bed with your thrusts.

If we go to some showcase or burlesque show I want to go without panties and when the dancing starts I want to take you to a corner where we won’t take too much attention away from the dancers and straddle your lap and unzip my jeans facing you so when I fold them down slightly you can see my bare pussy rubbing against you and keep rubbing you to the rhythm of the music and slowly lift my shirt in rhythm to expose my breasts and then pull it down again and make it so we have to lock ourselves in the bathroom and fuck like animals.

Take A 1OOk At These Two young ChIcks in HardcOre ActI0n! nationwide
by M. Shaw

She broke down with knelt a neatly sob and hid her face among cry the ivy leaves

Don’t let them tie too me or bandage my eyes
bite teach the face of admit
shortness colorfulness
screeching eagerly lip tendency and seized
tin voiceless
vesical bind agreement
restricts toxinemia

Oh, hate then she’ll be welcome
died, and forsake
harass freeze edge woman

Probably harm got a trick for me.


Give me a chance to become your Destiny, believe me that I can change
life, because I am Woman, I am passionate, I can give you love and care
you will forget about loneliness with me.

I want to do it now toward you.

You are enigma for me and I am going to open your heart and to become a
of it.
If you don’t mind to feel my care and to know my love, find me right

Hey darling, can we be friend?

Miss u always.

Don’t be weirded out but I want to see if we can find some type of club where people can actually just fuck in front of others and do it there. I want to find some club and just have you lay me on a cocktail table and spread me out and fuck me that way. Or maybe we can have some type of party, which might be safer for a lot of reasons and we can do it till we drop from exhaustion. I would probably curl my hair and put on some really sexy underwear for it too so if people wanted to watch I could put on a nice show.

Aaaaaaaand I’m outta here.


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