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Posted: 07/11/2011 in Uncategorized

Offshoot Productions Showcase is looking like it will become a regular thing. Offshoot-gumi put on a couple of these multimedia variety shows to raise money for Vance Headstrong’s Tour de Cure ride, and they went badly enough that we’re looking at the possibility of booty-calling the city to show off all our shit every couple months or so.

One of the things we tried putting on were what we’re calling “staged short stories,” which were originally something we came up with to work around a couple of my stories where all of the characters’ names are homonyms and/or M. Shaw. In addition to someone reading the narration there are extra people on stage to read different characters’ dialogue, which allows for visual gags and other fun stuff.

Here’s a recording of Ben and Samanosuke practicing the voice of Donovan from The Foolish Samurai.


My only regret is that I didn’t surreptitiously toggle sound recorder in time to catch the sandwich saga.

There are other types of acts we’re talking about incorporating into the show in the future. A little taste of that…


I won’t tell you what it’s for cause I’m M. fuckin Shaw. Sorry, Christina.

This is what happens when I buy the space upgrade from WordPress.


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