The opera

Posted: 06/01/2011 in Uncategorized

First of all, I’m sorry for bitch slapping the world. Must’ve had a loose wire somewhere.

The world was supposed to have ended sometime last week, I think. I’m sitting in a quaint little establishment drinking coffee and eating a scone. The kind of place where “scone” is pronounced like “ska” with an n, not “own” with a sk. Across the room there’s a music book propped on a window sill. It says MOZART across the top real big, and the title underneath looks like “Operation Ares” though instinct tells me it is probably “Opera Arias.”

I’m pretty sure something must have happened last week, because yesterday I looked in the mirror and realized that my head has turned into Boris Karloff’s head. I mean, among other differences. Things are so thoroughly different from week to week anymore; the fact that I don’t recognize myself in the mirror is mostly of symbolic significance by comparison.

Moving: I’m now 1/3 of Kenwood Manor, a house me and a couple Offshoot Productions peeps are renting. Offshoot-gumi is slowly taking over the city. Not sure what this house was before it was Kenwood Manor except that we found a paintball gun (with ammo) and mask in the basement, a “Bubba On Board” bumper sticker on the fridge and some kind of African-style wood carving of what looks like it’s supposed to be a wise man on the kitchen counter. We named it LeBron James. The owner is nice but lives on the other side of the country, and the realtor’s liver is not long for this world, so it’s almost like owning the place. We’re vacating today while Ben deals with the basement mold. Yeah, like owning the place.

Writing: Spent all of yesterday nailing down a piece I wanted to submit to Crossed Genres, who I’ve worked with before in their flash fiction contest but not the magazine itself. It’s pretty rad. Their next 3 issues are Heroes/Heroines, Sidekicks/Minions, and Villains. I’ve got stuff in the pipeline that would fit for all three. Hope y’all like seeing my name in your inbox, guys.

I’ve got work coming out soon in 69 Flavors of Paranoia–like, this month. I’m pleased as hell to be working with Miranda and Rycke again. 69fop is a scream. Sometime in July the Pink Narcissus anthology Rapunzel’s Daugherswill be dropping with my story “The Death of Urashima Taro.” I’m pretty excited about this one. It’s a story that fits in with a lot of my other work stylistically, but in terms of themes and characterization it’s something of a departure. Probably more stuff coming out in July but I can’t necessarily say right now.

Performance: Offshoot Productions Showcase is going down again on the 10th. I’ll add details on my appearances page. They also have a facebook group or some shit. And a motherfuckin Youtube channel.

I’m feeling good about things lately. Past precedent leads me to infer that this means I am about to die. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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