Oh and there’s a chapbook now

Posted: 05/04/2011 in Uncategorized

So me and Asa Brian Ayers have been working on this thing for a while: putting out a chapbook with a real pretty cover, containing any of my stories written or published before 2011 that won’t conflict with another current or forthcoming publication by being in there. Mostly it’ll be something for us to pass out in local venues where we’re at (Columbus and Atlanta, mostly, but other places too) and at events and such. Maybe an electronic edition later, we’ll see.

ToC as follows:

  • “Her New Boyfriend Argues with Barking Dogs”
  • “Investment Real Estate”
  • “Banana Kid’s Suicide Note”
  • “They Scream when They Hurt”
  • “Mary’s Day”
  • “A Greeting Card”
  • “The Dynamist”

I’ll be dropping a few copies at the ADD short film festival this weekend and elsewhere from then on. If you’re in Cleveland, check it out. Tickets are $2 for like 53 films and other acts. Offshoot Productions’ “I Hate You,” a 15-minute short that I co-wrote and acted in, is playing in the early afternoon.


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