The persona dance (a literary mixtape)

Posted: 03/14/2011 in Literary mixtape

Compiled over the course of an emotionally blunt conversation with an unexpected twist ending on skype while borrowing someone else’s face, with much respect to the fine sites hosting the contents.

  1. The Face by Neil Ellman
  2. A Brief, Bright Fire to Sweep the World Clean by Amber Sparks
  3. Perfect Skin by Shannon Peil
  4. What I Was Going to Remind You of Someday by T.L. Sherwood
  5. Copy Editing by Casey Hannan
  6. The 82 Types of Person in the World by Ewan Morrison
  7. The Doll Collector by Aubrey Hirsch
  8. Making Connections by Yt Sumner
  1. Thanks for the shout out. Better luck next time with your Skype connection…

    My best to you,

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