I have a headache and I woke up with this in my pocket, it’s in my handwriting

Posted: 01/30/2011 in Uncategorized

I get this feeling like I am made of fire that nothing will put out and that never exhausts. I tried swimming but all I got was a trail of steam behind me. There’s no way I can put it out, but if I don’t put it out I’ll–not burn up but be fire forever. I go insane and run down the street naked like the Human Torch until I’m nothing but a fire-covered bones still running. This feeling is known as “horniness” I believe, and mostly the only solution is to stop drop and roll. Having a body is weird. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely in control of this one. But that’s not what fire is.

[also because I haven’t put anything out since Nov. I added some forthcoming shit to my publications page, case y’all were wondering.]


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