69 is a great number, all the fun and none of the kids

Posted: 12/10/2010 in Uncategorized

I’m having a moment of horrible sanity so I want to say a little more about a couple places I’ve shown up lately.

Nil Desperandum, just put up an audio version of one of my stories. I wanna make this clear, things I think are tiiiiiight: (1) stories being read aloud, (2) stories that are available for free, (3) Das Unheimliche. I was gonna quote my own email I sent to editor Jim Phillips (who, based on his commentary at the end of the podcast, totally got the story), but I lost it so I’m just gonna say that it’s really interesting to hear another reader’s interpretation of something you wrote. It makes something familiar in a way foreign, which is very appropriate for this story. There was more but alcohol stole it. Listen, y’all.

Then there’s Daily Flash 2011, which I forget where I linked to it so just click that little thingy at the top that says “brought to you by the letter m.” It’s one of them calendar anthos, which I dunno why it don’t happen more. Like a tear-away calendar but with a poem or piece of flash fiction for every day of the year. Awww yiiiisss, right? Right.

Finally my story “Feral” that came out in 69 Flavors of Paranoia (incidentally this was my oldest published story in terms of when I wrote it) just got picked up again for the first 69fop print antho. Thing is, the editors is havin a fund raiser to collect for the publication. And I mean, if you ain’t like me and you got some disposable income you should know these guys are some good ol small press zinesters who know what they’re doing and you can count on em to turn out something niiiiice. Ain’t gonna be wasted. Man, this is as close to givin a shit about money as I’m ever gonna get.

I got some more stuff coming out later so sit tight.


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