I woke up this morning underwater

Posted: 11/02/2010 in Paradigm shift

I woke up yesterday morning dead, a ghost, in an empty world. Where were all the other ghosts? They went back to the sea, a long time ago, back to the sea that spawned them, to a world without light, a world without noise, to dwell in the womb of the world and listen to their mother’s heartbeat. Down, down into the thermal vents away from the cold water into the liquid heat of the core. Cleansed by water, now cleansed by fire. I wasn’t allowed down there; even in death, this is the way I live, outside the gates looking in with disgust. I wouldn’t go back to the surface, back to the light, back to the noise, garbage, blood-stained bluejeans, humans and their endless self-pity. I woke up this morning underwater and that’s where I’ll stay.


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