Posted: 08/14/2010 in Uncategorized

The new job is 2nd shift, hella confusing. The company is mostly gen-x breeders who talk and complain about shit gen-x breeders are wont to talk and complain about.

They took me on sayin’ it’s 3 month temp to perm. Used to mean after 3 months if you were doin’ well they’d hire you full-time, nowadays it means after 3 months if they’re doin’ well they’ll hire you full time. There another temp who whaddayano, happens to be a gen-x breeder with way more experience and more importantly, way more in common with the rest of the staff. Probably means I’ll be lookin’ for job #4 of the year in about 2 1/2 months.

Parents are the biggest consumer tools I’ve ever seen. They always talkin’ about much the shit their kids want costs, PS3 and XBox and laptops and shit, how much the games cost an’ how all the games are basically the same, but even though they ain’t got nothing good to say about them, they still buy all that shit anyway. What kinda parent you are is only measured by how much you consume anymore, which is why no matter how hard it is to pay the bills, buying $1000’s of electronics that are gonna be junk in 3 years and complaining about it is way better than just telling your brat no.

Couple updates about writing stuff:

  • Don’t have much in the pipeline right now, but you can look for my stuff in the future at the Nil Desperandum podcast and a couple anthologies later in the year that I don’t have a link for yet.
  • Waitin until I have no submissions out to move on anything else. Just wanna feel clean for a while is all. Filthy habit.

Ain’t using my computer right now so I need to delete the history when I finish writing this and do my best to wipe my fingerprints off the keyboard.

WordPress tells me sometimes as many as SEVEN people read this blog in the same day. Who are y’all anyway?


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