I actually do know that nobody reads this

Posted: 06/02/2010 in Uncategorized

I’m gonna announce that the new issue of Semaphore just came out with a somewhat longer story of mine. Cover and illos make it hard to talk about this without dick ridin’. But for real, this e-zine is my shit.

To prove that I no no one reads this, I’m gonna tack a bunch of haiku based on Akira Kurosawa movies on the end.

Drunken Angel
sexy muthafucka
got consumption but know y’all’d
do his ass anyway

y’all laughin’ at that
blood cause you ain’t even seen
machine girl yet

Stray Dog
girl I don’t know what
the fuck y’all doin’ with that
dress, lightning an’ shit

I Live in Fear
check out the hands on
that old dude, he crazy but y’all’d
do his ass anyway

so unrequited
even the participants
don’t know about it

The Bad Sleep Well
just made to prove y’all
fakers jack off to whatever
got my name on it

Throne of Blood
can’t imagine how
this could possibly not work
like I want it to

The Idiot
just read some russki
shit and I hope y’all ain’t got
nothin’ goin’ on

scorcese, you about
as van gogh as my nephew’s
fuckin’ finger paints

Seven Samurai
face down, ass up, he
dead and shit but know y’all’d do
his ass anyway


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